Larry Leroy Golden was initiated into the Zeta Pi chapter in the Spring of 1976, with eleven other esteemed men, forever known as the “Tenacious Twelve.” Brother Golden displayed a promising future in light of his outstanding academic and professional accomplishments during his short time in the House of Alpha. However, Brother Golden’s life was suddenly cut short due to medical complications during his pursuit of scholarship. Moreover, Brother Golden was the first Zeta Pi Brother to pass away. To immortalize him and the ideals which he exemplified, the Zeta Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated annually awards a scholarship in his memory to two outstanding freshman male student leaders.

In order to apply, feel out the link below & email a copy of your resume, current transcript, and a personal photo to


Larry Leroy Golden Memorial 2015 Scholarship Application


Last weekend, the brothers of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Zeta Pi Chapter traveled to Savannah, Georgia to convene in the 58th Anniversary Georgia District Convention. Among conducting the business of Alpha, The brothers enjoyed sharing the opportunity to fraternize with other  brothers representing chapters throughout the state about college days and days of old.  The Brothers of the chapter  also competed in several fraternal competitions including the Belford V. Lawson Oratorical contest, Collegiate Scholar’s Bowl, Step Show, Outstanding College Brother of the Year, and College Chapter of the Year. Among which in each category, the Brothers continued to hold high the name and excelled.

Here are the results of the weekend:
  • Chapter of the Year: Zeta Pi
  • Outstanding Brother of the Year Award: Dervin Cunningham, Zeta Pi
  • 1st place Collegiate Scholars Bowls:  Zeta Pi
  • 2nd place Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest: Kenneth Duncan,  Zeta Pi
  • 2nd place Step Show:  Zeta Pi





Miss Black and Gold Pageant Flyer 2-3


On October 27th at 7:06pm marks a night of beauty, talent, intelligence and tradition here at The University of Georgia. This year’s Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant will take place in Hodgson School of Music.

The Miss Black & Gold Pageant, under the sponsorship of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., is an outgrowth of the long tradition of Alpha Chapters’ designation of outstanding young ladies to serve as “Chapter Sweethearts.” The Fraternity recognizes the valuable support rendered to it by the many friends of Alpha Phi Alpha – and this endeavor serves as one mechanism to applaud such support.

For some time, several of the Fraternity’s five geographical regions have sponsored Miss Black and Gold Pageants as a part of their conventions. Since the early 1970’s, there has been increasing support of these pageants on a national scale.
The first national Miss Black & Gold Pageant was held during Alpha’s 1976 General Convention in New York City. Miss Denise Smith, representing Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia) was awarded the first crown.
Under the current format, winners are selected at the chapter level, the district (state) level, the regional level, and then the national level.

This year’s theme is The Masquerade. Miss Black & Gold UGA 2013 will posses poise, grace, and talent and demonstrate it to the best of her ability during the pageant and hopefully take home the crown!

This year’s contestants are:

1. McKenzie Drain
2. Liyah Vandecruize
3. Raven Gibson
4. Alexandra Carter
5. Emily McLanahan
6. Alexis Turner
7. Mariah Mitchell
8. Lydia Cordero

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In light of the recent tragedy in the news relating to the verdict of slain teenager Trayvon Martin which fueled emotion across the countryside, we watched in disbelief  as George Zimmerman was allowed to walk freely from a Sanford courtroom deemed not guilty by a panel of jurors. Many were angered by yet another example of how America’s racial landscape had proven yet again how far  we still have to go as a nation. With our heads blooded but unbowed, Trayvon Martin’s case allowed the black community to unite as a people for a common cause against injustice.

Meanwhile Zeta Pi’s very own, Omari Hardwirk, decided to make us voice heard and took to his pad to pen a powerful and inspirational piece entitled “Little Black Boy Wonder”. As a result, bringing to life the unheralded truth with a short film alongside several members of the film community. Please take a moment to view this amazing piece and of course please SHARE.

Now that the year has begun to roll and 2013 has started to break in, we wanted to take this moment to recognize the achievements of the brothers of the Zeta Pi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. From landing internships with Fortune 500 firms to receiving top accolades in the classroom, the Bruhs continue to hold high the name with no days off!

Bro. Dervin Cunningham– Recognized as UGA’s Amazing Student for the College of Agriculture

Bro. Jamal Releford–Internship with Deutsche Bank (Global Analyst Internship Program)

Bro. Patrick Walker– Continuing to make strides in UGA Pharmacy School

Bro. Andre Sutton–Internship with Google, Inc. (Sales & Marketing Internship Program)

Bro. Elijah Staggers– Received the Outstanding Attorney Award at the American Mock Trial Association Regional Tournament

Bro. O.J. Hemmingway– Received a Full-Time Offer with Waffle House Management Program

Bro. David Mapp–Acceptance into several notable law programs including UGA Law