In light of the recent tragedy in the news relating to the verdict of slain teenager Trayvon Martin which fueled emotion across the countryside, we watched in disbelief  as George Zimmerman was allowed to walk freely from a Sanford courtroom deemed not guilty by a panel of jurors. Many were angered by yet another example of how America’s racial landscape had proven yet again how far  we still have to go as a nation. With our heads blooded but unbowed, Trayvon Martin’s case allowed the black community to unite as a people for a common cause against injustice.

Meanwhile Zeta Pi’s very own, Omari Hardwirk, decided to make us voice heard and took to his pad to pen a powerful and inspirational piece entitled “Little Black Boy Wonder”. As a result, bringing to life the unheralded truth with a short film alongside several members of the film community. Please take a moment to view this amazing piece and of course please SHARE.