Miss Black and Gold Pageant Flyer 2-3


On October 27th at 7:06pm marks a night of beauty, talent, intelligence and tradition here at The University of Georgia. This year’s Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant will take place in Hodgson School of Music.

The Miss Black & Gold Pageant, under the sponsorship of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., is an outgrowth of the long tradition of Alpha Chapters’ designation of outstanding young ladies to serve as “Chapter Sweethearts.” The Fraternity recognizes the valuable support rendered to it by the many friends of Alpha Phi Alpha – and this endeavor serves as one mechanism to applaud such support.

For some time, several of the Fraternity’s five geographical regions have sponsored Miss Black and Gold Pageants as a part of their conventions. Since the early 1970’s, there has been increasing support of these pageants on a national scale.
The first national Miss Black & Gold Pageant was held during Alpha’s 1976 General Convention in New York City. Miss Denise Smith, representing Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia) was awarded the first crown.
Under the current format, winners are selected at the chapter level, the district (state) level, the regional level, and then the national level.

This year’s theme is The Masquerade. Miss Black & Gold UGA 2013 will posses poise, grace, and talent and demonstrate it to the best of her ability during the pageant and hopefully take home the crown!

This year’s contestants are:

1. McKenzie Drain
2. Liyah Vandecruize
3. Raven Gibson
4. Alexandra Carter
5. Emily McLanahan
6. Alexis Turner
7. Mariah Mitchell
8. Lydia Cordero

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