Pictured above is Bro. Patrick Walker

The Zeta Pi Alphas having taken to the community by getting involved with the Whatever It Takes Afterschool mentoring program. Athens is the second poorest county in the nation.  In the area surrounding Georgia, only 51% of the kids are graduating from high school.  There’s a lot of need in our own community, and Whatever It Takes is here to help.  We are part of the larger Athens organization (WIT Athens) whose goal is “At 1pm on July 1st, 2020, every child in Athens will be on track to graduate from a post-secondary education.” We support WIT Athens by starting and running tutoring programs, mentoring programs, special events, fundraisers, and much more.  They have a design so that you can create your own project, and they’ll help institute it.  We work hands on in the communities themselves; we see the effects of our actions. Education is empowerment.  Education is the key to success.  And we will do whatever it takes to ensure that EVERY child has the opportunity to obtain a quality education and an opportunity to reach his or her dreams.